Enjoy our cultural performances by our local community and some of our traditional cultural events. We would like more contributions from the community. So please send us any videos, pictures from your country.

African Performance, Arbury Carnival 2019

Black History Month 2018 ” FireMan Performance”

Month 2018Black History Month 2018 ” Efua Sey Performance”

ESI Festival, Fugar, Edo State, Nigeria

The ESI Festival is celebrated in Avhianwu Clan at the beginning of the Agricultural Harvest season of the four Clans that make up Avhianwu namely ( Uralokhor  Imhakhena or Ogbona, Arua and  Unone) 

Uralokhor are  the first to celebrate the ESI Festival usually around early August. It  is usually a two day  celebration which  coincides with the Harvest of New yam  or thanksgiving

Imhakhena or Ogbona are next  and they will  choose their date of celebration usually 9 days after Uralokhor has celebrated their ESI.

FUGAR is made up of  Arua and Unone they  carry out a joint celebration again  9 days  after  Imhakhena has concluded theirs.

The festival is celebrated in any of the above  villages only when at least one  farmer has ”HARVESTED NEW YAM FROM HIS FARM

Main activities of the day include:

  1. A masquerade parade and dance round the village.
  2. Cooking of a special type of soup called omhi- Ire-ire which is eaten with Pounded yam. Also Exchange of visits and gifts especially sharing to the less privileged is performed
  3. The second day, a different type of Soup called. Omhi-Akphe is cooked and shared.

NOTE: Apologies for the video quality, we will provide a better copy next year.

ESI Festival, Fugar, Edo State, Nigeria